Thursday, December 2, 2010

Khia vs. Nicki Minaj

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So we have all seen female rapper KHIAS reveiw on Nicki Minaj's debet album Pink Friday, she was CLEARLY hating on Nicki. calling her new album "trash" an goes on about how much she hates Nicki minaj. Its time someone goes in on Khia.

So heres some random facts about thugmisses:

She only had one single to chart in the US , and that was of course "My Neck My Back"

She only had one album to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, again "My Neck My Back"

Thugmisses peaked #32 on the Hot 100. &The album sold 8000,000 worldwide.

Gangstress , her second album sold 18,000 world wide.

and her last album was known as the BIGGEST FLOP in music history, "Nasti Muzik" sold 3,000 units !

she is currently working on another album! called Motor Mouf/Khia Shamone.I cant wait for it to hit stores to blog about the 2,00 copies she will sale.

thats why she probaly started hating on Nicki, to bring a little bit of light to her name.NEWSFLASH khia, NOBODY cares about you. you are one of the biggest ONE HIT WONDERS of the centery !

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but congratz to Nicki!!

she sold over 375,000 in her fist week sales.
the second higest Female rap album since The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill released in 1998.

she also has 14 songs which charted on the hot 100.

Also, she has won 6 awards from BET this past year.

sorry Khia , trying to throw dirt on Nicki's name wont bring shine to yours !